We have one goal in mind – to improve the health and welfare of the Alaska community through the secure sharing of health information.

healtheConnect Alaska belongs to every Alaskan and the entire healthcare community from Ketchikan to Kivalina. We are an unbiased, non-profit organization, entrusted by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services to implement services and technologies to ensure every Alaskan gets the right care at the right time, and their care providers have the right information for the best possible outcomes.

Our History

Established in 2009, healtheConnect Alaska began its mission as Alaska eHealth Network. Like many health information exchanges across the country, ambitious strategies were put in place to develop a robust, two-way exchange of complete patient records.

Big changes don’t happen overnight, technology doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to, and the healthcare market has been fraught with volatility. Alaska eHealth Network made some progress. And also came up against barriers and challenges.

But the commitment to the Alaska community never wavered.


Alaska eHealth Network is healtheConnect Alaska. Like our predecessor, we have the same vision for meaningful healthcare sharing throughout Alaska. We have several new leadership and staff members, new technology partners and infrastructure, and a new sustainability plan grounded in a customer-centric, highly engaged approach to ensure the community’s voice is heard and their data sharing needs are met.

Fully connecting the Alaska healthcare community will take time and continued effort. Our commitment to offering meaningful health sharing services and forging healthcare alliances throughout Alaska and the patient community continues.

Vision, Mission, Principles

A connected Alaska healthcare system

To improve the safety, cost effectiveness, and quality of healthcare in Alaska through widespread secure, confidential electronic clinical information systems including promotion of electronic health records and facilitation of health information exchange.

The primary guiding principles for the health information exchange service are accuracy, openness and transparency, accountability and oversight, and privacy and security.