Join Our Network

Join Our Network

We are Alaskans, working to establish and grow the state’s health information exchange for Alaskans and Alaskan providers. 

healtheConnect Alaska is a non-profit entity, created by State legislation to be the health information exchange for all of Alaska. We are not owned or controlled by any healthcare entity and we do not answer to anyone but our Board of Directors and the State. We do not sell, share, or use health information for profit. EVER.

We Need Your Support

HIEs are highly dependent on two things: effective technology solutions and maximum participation of the provider and larger healthcare community. Without support, important data will continue to be siloed and inaccessible, increasing costs, and reducing the quality of the health of all Alaskans.

Waiting to see results before getting involved?

We understand. You want and deserve to get the most from your HIE and from the many partners and providers who collect valuable patient data every day. The best way to ensure you have access to an enriched, whole patient health record is to begin by sharing your data.

There's something for everyone

Every day we are working to connect new types of health data into the network. Here are some types of information you can get today.

Patient encounters

PDMP and medication fill data

Radiology images

Continuity of Care (CCD) documents

Event notifications

Lab results

State behavioral health data

More helpful types of health information are coming soon. Learn more.

Eight benefits of joining the healtheConnect Alaska network

– Lower the cost and improve the quality of healthcare

2 – Avoid redundant testing and treatment

3 – Reduce time to obtain health information

4 – Improve productivity at the initial visit

5– Improve the completeness of patient records

6 – Improve non-visit consult

7 – Improve workflow

8 – Increase healthcare provider awareness of patient interactions within
the healthcare system

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