Picture yourself at a new healthcare provider’s office or facility…

You know you take 3 medications daily, but can’t remember the dosages your previous provider prescribed, and your most recent lab tests were done at a facility in another community and you don’t have a copy.

It’s frustrating to both you and your provider to be missing important information. You will likely have to sign a release form and have your provider’s office request your information from multiple sources.

But wait: Imagine if your provider could click a button and access all the  information they need about you to make an informed clinical treatment decision, including prescription fill data and results from laboratory tests taken at the hospital.

It’s really as easy as that – it’s Alaska’s Health Information Exchange.

Health Information Exchange is great for patients because...

It saves time and money: A provider can quickly and easily access key patient data captured from a number of sources outside of their practice or organization and use it, along with the information native to their in-house EHR, to make better decisions and work more efficiently.

It’s accurate: healtheConnect Alaska uses the cutting-edge technology to match and correlate patient identity and delivers the highest matching accuracy rates in the industry. This gives providers access to more complete and accurate clinical patient history, thereby improving patient care and reducing the likelihood of adverse outcomes.

It helps prevent mistakes: Access to a wider range of data also helps avoid costly mistakes, and eliminates unnecessary paperwork, duplicative treatments, and redundant testing.

It reduces duplicate tests and procedures: If a provider can access an MRI or lab results completed just a few days or weeks ago by another provider, they may not need to order that test again, and you don’t have to physically carry your medical records and images between providers.

It’s safe and secure: Our system verifies user identity with multi-factor authentication, so only the people authorized to view your information can access it. The system also creates an automatic audit trail of all access by user, providing proof of system security.

It’s neutral: healtheConnect Alaska is a non-profit entity, created by State legislation to be the health information exchange for all of Alaska. We are not owned or controlled by any healthcare entity and we do not answer to anyone but our Board of Directors and the State. We do not sell, share, or use health information for profit. EVER.

It’s homegrown: We are Alaskans, working to establish and grow the state’s health information exchange for Alaskans and Alaskan providers.