Private practice providers, like hospitals, must strike a balance between operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes. Spending time accessing multiple sources of data to get a full picture of a patient’s health record can be frustrating. And as patients move between providers and facilities, it’s not uncommon for test results and other important pieces of health information to not move with them. Tests may be unnecessarily repeated and appropriate interventions are more difficult to make. healtheConnect recognizes that communication and health information sharing is an ongoing challenge in the provider community.

How healtheConnect Alaska Can Help




healtheHUB* is a unified landing page and web-based query portal that integrates best in breed technology solutions of applications, services, and other health information exchange data sources on to one platform. healtheHUB leverages NextGate MPI (Master Patient Index) technology and is powered by the Mirth Integration Engine. healtheHUB includes these services:

– Select patient information
– Medication Fill History
– Prescription Data Monitoring Program (PDMP) lookup
– eHealth Exchange Access
PROMPT (Proactive Management of Patient Transitions)
ENS (Event Notification System)

*For most providers, healtheHUB will embed directly into the EHR. This will allow users to use make a single sign-on to query the HIE and all associated data without leaving their EHR or having to log in and search for the patient twice.

A la Carte Services

– Direct Secure Messaging
– Secure Text Messaging -TigerConnect and TigerFlow
– Image Share and Exchange
– Lab Results

Providing access to behavioral health data (coming in 2019)

– A tool for patient opt-in to open up access to substance abuse information
– Data from Alaska Psychiatric Institute