Public Health

Public Health

Public health agencies manage and support many direct healthcare services including some specialty clinics and the state psychiatric hospital. They also collect data from providers to use for data registries and disease surveillance systems. The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is an integral partner with healtheConnect Alaska to build a robust health information exchange.

How healtheConnect Alaska Can Help

Mandatory reporting support

We currently support participants through mandatory public health reporting such as labs, vaccinations, and infectious diseases which in turn helps assure DHHS receives the most accurate information.

Access to more information – all in one place

In the very near future, healtheConnect Alaska will be able to provide specific and useful patient information such as sending alerts about a specific high-risk patient cohort that is admitted to the hospital. This can be done through healtheHUB, a new query portal with single-sign-on* capabilities offering time-saving access to important health information all in one location. healtheHUB supplies access to medication fill data, Prescription Data Monitoring Program (PDMP) lookup, and other important data elements including encounters, lab results, alerts and notifications, diagnostic images, allergies, immunizations, and documents.

Analytics and powerful patient matching

Other helpful services include light analytics with a census view for recently admitted patients, recently admitted ED patients, recently discharged patients, chronic conditions per patient, etc., and our matching patient index solution is also a powerful supplement to national HIE data.

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