Our Staff

Gregg Dunlap

Clinical Health IT Manager

With an extensive background in imaging services, Gregg has a passion for Alaskan healthcare. Beginning as a radiologic technologist, his career extends to leadership in large health organizations.

Whether in a 9-bed rural-Idaho facility or one of Washington State’s premier hospital systems, in critical access facilities, hospital systems, or private practice, Gregg has demonstrated a commitment to ensuring access to quality care for all. In 2013, a major issue with the commercial air carriers would have required Alaskan cancer patients needing a PET scan to travel outside Alaska. Gregg was able to negotiate a solution with Alaska Airlines ensuring uninterrupted access to these critical exams regardless of the imaging provider.

As a member of healtheConnect Alaska, Gregg brings a diverse background to our unique state. He’s excited to be part of a mission-based organization that is seeking to improve the safety, cost effectiveness, and quality of healthcare in the Great Land