What We Do

What We Do

We Are Alaska’s Health Information Exchange

healtheConnect Alaska is a non-profit entity, created by State legislation to be the health information exchange for all of Alaska. We are not owned or controlled by any healthcare entity and we do not answer to anyone but our Board of Directors and the State. We do not sell, share, or use health information for profit. EVER.

Health information exchanges (HIEs) help facilitate coordinated patient care, reduce duplicate treatments, and avoid costly mistakes. HIEs improve the quality and safety of patient care, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and redundant testing, facilitate public health reporting and monitoring, offer emerging technology and health care services, and provide a basic level of interoperability among EHRs maintained by individual physicians and organizations.

We are Alaskans, working to establish and grow the state’s health information exchange for Alaskans and Alaskan providers. Our primary purpose is to offer services that help you share and receive important patient health information. We connect hospitals, clinics, payers, ACOs, private practice providers, care coordinators, patients, and other members of the healthcare ecosystem.


A La Carte Services

Direct Secure Messaging

healtheConnect Alaska provides a HIPAA and HITECH compliant, first-class DSM solution that is ONC certified and exceeds standards for reliability. Our DSM solution offers the ability to use email client software such as Outlook and other popular system and is mobile device friendly.

Secure Text Messaging – TigerConnect and TigerFlow

TigerConnect is the basic level of the encrypted, HIPAA compliant text messaging platform that supports desktop and mobile device applications. By joining our encrypted network, you will be able to compliantly communicate with others who have joined. TigerFlow is the advanced level offering and supports integration with many scheduling programs, role-based notifications, On-call support, and the ability to send an encrypted message to anyone. Learn more.

Image Share and Exchange

By working with your PACS (imaging) Administrator to install a small piece of software on your PACS, your medical imaging producing departments can share diagnostic quality images with any other provider they choose. There is a small fee of $1.50 per study shared. Through healtheHUB, providers can access diagnostic quality images from other sources as part of a patient’s comprehensive health record. Any healtheHUB subscriber can access shared images to provide more appropriate patient care without the time and expense of repeating imaging studies or waiting for images to be delivered.


*healtheHUB is a unified landing page and web-based query portal that integrates best in breed technology solutions of applications, services, and other health information exchange data sources on to one platform.

healtheHUB leverages NextGate MPI (Master Patient Index) technology. A master patient index is used to correlate patient identity across data source and care delivery community. Our solution delivers the highest matching accuracy rates in the industry and allows participants to get more complete and accurate clinical patient history, improve patient care, and reduce demographic data challenges.

healtheHUB is powered by the Mirth Integration Engine. This foundational piece of our technology stack powers the receiving and sending of patient health data to and from healtheConnect Alaska. It is designed for seamless message integration, is easily configurable, deployable, and scalable.

healtheHUB includes these services on one convenient platform:

Select Patient Information

This includes patient care snapshots that offer the ability to view patient encounter history, pertinent demographics, CCDs, allergies, immunizations, etc.

Medication Fill History

Get access to comprehensive medication history reports that include drug name and form, dispense quantity, SIG information, prescriber’s name, fill date, data source, and days supply.

Prescription Data Monitoring Program (PDMP) Lookup

Get access to a statewide electronic database which collects patient level prescribing detail about substances dispensed in the state. Access also includes overdose alerts and notifications that can be either shown in context in healtheHUB or pushed into the in-context workflow in an EMR.

eHealth Exchange Access

Provides access to this national network of exchange partners who securely share clinical information across the US. This includes patient data for over 100 million patients and data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Department of Defense, the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

PROMPT (Proactive Management of Patient Transitions)

This feature allows users to search for and view consolidated information for patients who are Accountable Care Organization (ACO) members or part of a specific care management program.

ENS (Event Notification System)

ENS delivers real-time, actionable patient data using ADT messages (Admit, Discharge, Transfer) that are created within hospital systems. When an ADT message is received by ENS, a patient match is made and if found, a notification goes out to the subscribing provider.

Lab Results

Electronically receive results to either your EMR or through our lab portal. Results are matched up with the original lab order and the application is configured to each provider’s workflow to ensure an accurate and streamlined process. Improve outreach and communication with healthcare providers, payers, and care coordinators.

*For most providers, healtheHub will embed directly into the EHR. This will allow users to use make a single sign-on to query the HIE and all associated data without leaving their EHR or having to log in and search for the patient twice.

Coming in 2019

Electronic Case Reporting (Smart Alerts)

Direct Secure Messaging through the healtheHUB portal

Secure Texting through healtheHUB Portal

Light Analytics

Consent management tool

Behavioral health data